Often, facts fly in the face of conventional belief.  Consider this case.  It is hard to believe that lettuce produces more greenhouse gas than a pig.  But, if the scientists have calculated correctly, vegetarians contribute as much or more to global warming as carnivores.  Try explaining that to a skeptical reporter.  Sometimes PR requires persuasion against popularly held notions and the task is doubly hard.  One needs to find a journalist who is open-minded and willing to take facts as they are.  Not surprisingly, members of the media have biases whether they accept it or not.  They are convinced that a CEO of a company is a crook and all the evidence in hand won’t change their minds until the CEO is tried and found innocent.  Even then, many, if not most, will say the CEO got away with it.  One things is certain. In a counter intuitive circumstance, one must have powerful facts in hand to shake the worldview of the party being persuaded.  Opinions won’t change minds.

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