Congressional Republicans have made a habit of  ”snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.”  With their current game of chicken with the White House and Senate, they are doing it again.  One must ask why politicians can be deaf to the public will.  One also must ask why they are still being elected.  Republicans claim they speak for all Americans in trying to quash the Affordable Care Act.  It is not clear that is true. It is clear that a government shut-down is not in the interest of voters.  Playing a game of who blinks first, Congressional Republicans are certain they can force the President to back down.  If the President doesn’t and government offices close tonight, it won’t be the President who gets a bad name and loss of reputation.  One should ask how a group can come to such an erroneous stance then persist in it.  One conclusion is that Republicans are victims of Groupthink.  They have convinced themselves they are taking the right course and nothing, nothing will shake that conviction.  Maybe they do know something that the rest of us fail to grasp.  If so, they ought to let the public in on their secret.

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