North Korea is in the process of erasing the past of a former high-ranking official.  The uncle of the present thug, Kim Jong-un, the so-called Supreme Leader, is now a non-person and a non-entity.  Tens of thousands of references to him have disappeared from the news archives.  His image has been erased from photos.  It is as if he never was, which suits the Supreme Leader’s paranoid mind.   North Korea’s citizens can hardly forget the widely publicized video of the uncle being dragged publicly from congressional chambers nor the fact that he was put to death a few days later.  But, obedient to authority, they will act as if there was no such person.  This is the same trick that Stalin pulled during his reign in Russia.  High-ranking officials would be erased from both the visual and verbal record.  The only keeper of history were countries out of his reach.  It is hard to believe that the public falls for such manipulation.  Rather, it makes citizens more cynical and ready to revolt should the time come.  North Korea is teetering, but it may take decades to fall.  When it does, the ghosts of people lost will return and they will condemn those who were once in power.

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