2020 is at an end.  Good riddance.  It has been a lost year for many, if not most, of the world and 2021 is shaping up to begin the same.  The COVID vaccine rollout has been stalled, as might be expected.  A Republican Senator is set to object to the vote confirming electoral results favoring Biden and Harris. The economy will continue sputtering for months to come.  Still, there is hope since there are now three vaccines and millions of doses on the way.  2021 will turn a corner we could not see in March of 2020.  From a communications and marketing perspective, there is a giant role to play in convincing hundreds of millions worldwide to take a vaccine protecting them against the virus.  This will require leadership and intense persuasion and might also require penalties for those against it — a carrot and stick.  As noted previously, there is another huge role for the media, PR and marketing, which is correcting lies and misinformation prevalent among millions of Americans.  The country needs a semblance of unity.  There will always be a dissident minority but the majority of citizens need to accept facts and base decisions on them.  Here is a hope that 2021 will be a transition year to a brighter future.

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