Manufacturers have two views of leaks of their products’ features and functions.  They like them or detest their appearance.  Consider this example.  The author of the column is advising shoppers to wait for the appearance of the next generation of a smartphone because it has superior qualities.  That may be well and good, but what about the overhang of tens of thousands of the earlier version still in the marketplace?  It has orphaned them.  From a marketing perspective, it could be a disaster.  On the other hand, if Samsung has had trouble selling the current model, the positive word of mouth for the next generation is valuable.  From the media’s perspective, the sooner the word gets out the better.  Journalists live for the scoop, whether phones, autos, computers or something else.  If Samsung divulged the features and functions of its new generation of phones to a select group of the media, it was trying for maximum attention — and it got it.  If not, it now has a problem of what to do next.

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