Thursday February 29, 2024

The Boob Factor

Sometimes no matter what one does to run a business safely, someone deliberately breaks the rules and gets hurt.  Consider this.  The two men had no right to be present in the area nor any business that would grant them access.  Yet, they were there and the hotel has a PR problem on its hands. […]

Jump Start

Samsung is making a play for publicity by revealing in advance of the giant CES its futuristic concept products.  It is a smart move.  Hundreds of gadgets debut annually at the show and it taxes the stamina of reporters and editors to cover them all. It is easier to let them know before the show […]

Try, Try Again

Often when a new electronic device fails in the marketplace, there is no second chance for it.  People scarcely remember the product and what it was supposed to do.  That is why this story is interesting.  Google is reluctant to give up on its Glass series of eye wear in spite of withering criticism it faced when it […]

Unbridled Capitalism

What is happening to drug pricing is an example of why government cannot allow unbridled capitalism.  Some pharmaceutical companies are beginning to charge what the market must bear for medicine, and since there are no other places for consumers to go, they have to fork over bank accounts for life-saving drugs.  This is wrong.  The […]

How to send creative Christmas cards?

How to send creative Christams cards?   You don't want to send boring christmas cards to your friends? team have spend time and developed an easy tool to create creative Christmas cards. And it is for FREE! All you have to do is download the latest iPhone app and tap on "Christams eCard" […]

Old Medium: New Management

Jeff  Bezos of Amazon is making his mark at the Washington Post.  Rather than tinkering with the editorial product, he is spending most of his time focused on the customer experience and technology. These are areas in which he has few equals and his attention is paying off.  He is a benign owner of one […]

No Credibility

How can a security company continue to operate when it admits it lied about protecting customers?  This is the situation in which Lifelock, the so-called security firm, finds itself.  Lifelock has paid a $100 million fine to the Federal Trade Commission for deceiving customers.  Yet the business continues.  It lacks credibility.  It doesn’t do that […]

Public Relations Or Spin

Thirty four Muslim nations have formed a coalition to fight ISIS.  The question remains open whether it is a serious effort or spin.  It will be public relations if the coalition acts to destroy ISIS.  It will be spin if it doesn’t.  PR is what one does and not what one says.  Action needn’t be dropping bombs […]

Smart Marketing

It takes marketing insight and creativity to solve long-standing consumer headaches.  Here is a successful example.  Every householder has a need for maintenance services demanding capabilities beyond the householder’s skill level.  And, therein is the headache.  One doesn’t know who to call except by asking neighbors or clicking through web sites.  The problem with web […]

Counter Intuitive

Often, facts fly in the face of conventional belief.  Consider this case.  It is hard to believe that lettuce produces more greenhouse gas than a pig.  But, if the scientists have calculated correctly, vegetarians contribute as much or more to global warming as carnivores.  Try explaining that to a skeptical reporter.  Sometimes PR requires persuasion […]