Wednesday February 21, 2024


What is a definition of publicity?  This is one — the lavish opening of a new Star Wars film.  Disney is known for its show business skill, and it put it to work for the grand opening of a film that cost it $4.3 billion to make — if you count the purchase of Lucasfilm […]

Tough Task

How do you regain your credibility once you have lost it?  It is harder than one might think, particularly if you were in the public’s eye as CEO of a standout company.  This is the tough task that the CEO of Theranos has taken on.  She was the toast of the media until stories appeared […]

Worst Kind Of Crisis

A restaurateur’s nightmare is poisoning people who eat his food.  Even worse is the inability to find out what caused it.  Add to that a failure of the logistics chain that delivers ingredients to make sure foodstuffs are not contaminated.  All three crises are underway at the restaurant chain, Chipotle.  It can’t get a break.  The poison […]

Crisis In The Making?

Just as liberalization laws are passing to allow people to smoke marijuana, scientific studies are indicating that some types might be harmful to the brain.  They are cannabis crossbred to produce higher levels of THC, the chemical that causes euphoric effects.  However, science is a step behind the law.  There is no clear link yet between THC […]


It’s a PR and marketing gaffe to have authorities seize your product because it is deemed unsafe.  But that is what happened in the UK to the makers of hoverboards.  Fifteen thousand were impounded for various electrical and other problems.  That is pretty much all of the inventory for the holiday sales season.  The inevitable […]

Innovative PR

This is an example of innovative PR that if successful will change the way we travel.  The idea that cars can race by themselves without a driver at speeds approaching 200 mph is revolutionary.  As the article points out, racing will entail passing, strategy and pit stops.  If the vehicles can do all of those things without […]

Spin Or Real?

Uber, the much criticized ride-sharing service, has formed a safety board with notable names on it.  The question one asks is whether this is spin or a serious attempt by the company to insure security for passengers.  Uber hasn’t made much of an effort since its founding to play by the rules.  It barges into […]

Critical Meeting

The eyes of the world are on Paris for the start of COP21 — Conference of Parties 21– the climate control meeting among nations.  It hasn’t been successful until now but the rapid warming of the earth has changed many minds and there appears to be a new willingness to cooperate.  There are a number […]


It is embarrassing when a company sets out to benefit customers but inadvertently makes things worse.  It’s a PR black eye.  That is what happened to Dell computer recently when it tried to increase security for its customers but ended by creating a security hole in its system.  The lapse is more than an annoyance […]

Educational PR

What happens when the people on whom you rely to sell your product know little about it?  They won’t sell it or they will represent the product badly.  This is the dilemma facing manufacturers of electric cars and their relations with dealers.  Car salespersons have been steering consumers away from electric vehicles and back to […]